Omega3-webNow available from Absolute Organix: a premium vegan Omega-3 oil blend made from virgin oils pressed from organic flax and from chia grown in SA.

Flax and chia seeds are two of Nature’s richest sources of the Omega-3 essential fat, ALA. Despite all the hype from the fish oil industry that denigrates plant-based Omega-3s, there is solid research to show that this is a simplistic viewpoint that ignores key processes involved in fatty acid metabolism and that ALA is a crucial dietary source of EPA and DHA, the essential fats also found in fish oils. See research link below.

So don’t be too easily seduced by an industry that makes a fortune out of what was once a waste product from commercial fishing and which requires intensive processing and the use of heat (which destroys Omega-3s) in order to make it safe for human consumption. Truth is fish oils are pharmaceuticals, not foods.

And because they’re mostly in capsules to hide the gross taste, oxidation is often masked: did you know that the smell of rotting fish is actually the smell of its oils going rancid? Rule of thumb with fish oils: if it repeats on you, it’s probably rancid. And rancidity causes cascades of health-threatening free-radicals to be released into the body.

Cold-pressed plant-sourced Omega-3s, on the other hand, are wholesome, real foods that the body can recognise and use. Free of any contamination found in marine environments, and requiring no harsh processing, the benefits of plant-sourced Omega-3s goes far beyond the limited therapeutic benefits of fish oil (mostly eye/brain health – the heart health claim has proven mythical).

It’s worth noting, too, that fish do not actually make Omega-3s. All Omega-3 originates in the plant kingdom from micro-algae. The krill eat the algae and the fish eat the krill. So the Omega-3 story starts – and really should end – with plants.

Absolute Organix has been cold-pressing virgin oils for over a decade. We gently squeeze the oil from these seeds, producing the highest quality oil with all its Omega-3 integrity intact. The oil settles naturally in our cold room before being decanted into opaque dark bottles and flushed with nitrogen to protect against oxidation. As an additional precaution, we use a natural rosemary extract as an anti-oxidant. The result is is a range of health-giving, natural oils of exceptional quality and potency.

Why is ALA (the plant-based Omega-3) so important? Read this research report

PS: If all you want is DHA (the essential fat usually found in fish oils), consider Absolute Organix’s Omega Pure capsules – pure DHA extracted from algae. 100% vegan. Click here for more info.


Chia needs little introduction these days … the research into the nutritional/health benefits of this tiny poppy-like seed is compelling: from its high mineral, fibre and omega-3 content as well as its low-carb nutrient density, to its quality protein anchiamattd varied anti-oxidants, chia is the proverbial gift of Nature that just keeps on giving.

A staple of the Aztec and Mayan civilizations, chia (salvia hispanica) – along with most other superfoods  –  has always had to be imported from South America. Until now.

Introducing Matthew Thompson, a pioneering farmer from KZN who has partnered with us to introduce SA’s first locally-grown chia products. Matt (seen here in one of his chia fields) uses no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides to produce a chia seed of the highest quality.

This is the seed we use to make Absolute Organix Omega3.