We’re excited to announce that two of South Africa’s leading players in the natural and organic space, Absolute Organix and NEO Trading (www.neotrading.co.za), have joined forces to create the country’s premier supplier to this vibrant, fast-growing sector.

The two businesses will become True Health (Pty) Ltd, which will consolidate in a single supply chain over 1 500 products from around 70 leading local and international brands across the full wellness spectrum, including wholefoods, functional foods/super foods, supplements/complementary medicines, body and skin care, household products and gifting.

Our two companies currently serve a substantial and varied customer base with a network of several hundred food stores, health stores, pharmacies and online retailers, as well as wellness/medical practitioners throughout South and Southern Africa.

Ranges currently handled include several own brands (Absolute Organix, Lifematrix, Truefood and Biobodi), leading international brands such as Holle, Rude Health, Eat Real, Biona and Garden of Life, and an extensive catalogue of quality products from dozens of local brands.

Absolute Organix founder and CEO, Bruce Cohen, and NEO Trading CEO, Jill Bysshe, will run the True Health business, each focusing on their core expertise developed over 20 years in the industry. Bysshe will direct sales and marketing as well as the procurement of quality local brands, while Cohen will expand the business’s manufacturing capacity and nurture existing and new international partner relationships.

Absolute Organix and NEO Trading will continue to operate independently for the time being, progressively aligning our businesses to ensure no disruption to either the supply chain or to customer service. We anticipate it will take several months to fully integrate the two operations. As we move ahead, we will be in contact with you to update our trading agreements and share with you some exciting new initiatives to help build your business and ours.