In these water-stressed times, conscious consumers have been looking for a hand sanitiser that delivers anti-bacterial protection without the use of alcohol, preservatives or harsh chemicals, an eco-friendly solution that’s potent against pathogens but harmless to people, pets and the planet.

Introducing the Absolute Organix Hand Sanitiser: it’s powerful, biodegradable and contains zero “nasties”.

This non-toxic disinfectant spray is made from salt-water that has undergone a patented process of electro-chemical activation. The resulting liquid, known as Anolyte, contains hypochlorous acid that destroys all known bacteria and viruses on contact. It does this by penetrating the cell walls of pathogens, killing them instantly.

The Anolyte works in the same way the human body does when producing white blood cells (neutrophils) which, once activated, attack invading bacteria and viruses.

Anolyte has been tested extensively worldwide and found to be highly effective – in fact far more effective than the harsh chemicals typically used for disinfection – and has been accredited by key international agencies. It is CE certified (complies with standards set) by the European Union and has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The Anolyte used in Absolute Organix Hand Sanitiser has been approved by the SABS.

We’ve added a small amount of organic tea tree oil to our sanitiser to give it a fresh, clean fragrance. The product can be used as often as needed and does not dry out the skin.

Absolute Organix Hand Sanitiser is available in a 100ml spray (for personal use), a 500ml spray (family use), as well as in bulk (2L-25L).