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coconut triangle The coconut triangle in Sri Lanka

Bruce Cohen

Building up a sustainable supply of certified organic coconut oil and flour has proven to be a real challenge for us over the last year as demand has surged and our Mozambique partner has just not been able to keep up.

For several months now I have been researching other suppliers around the world (in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka) trying to find an additional source of oil that meets our standards. I have learnt over the years to seek out wherever possible the source rather than rely on middlemen/brokers because proof of provenance (who makes it, how they make it) is really the only way to confirm quality, especially when it comes to organic.

My search finally led me to a family-owned oil producer in the coconut triangle of Sri Lanka whose response to my …


Our online wholesale ordering service is now live, enabling customers to browse our catalogue of over 500 natural and organic products and place orders with a few mouse clicks. It’s that easy.

The service is updated frequently and open 24 X 7;  what you see is what we actually have in stock in our warehouse.

EXISTING CUSTOMERS: If you are an existing customer who would like access to the  service, send an email to and we’ll connect you.

NEW CUSTOMERS:  Please complete on our online customer application form here.

Please note we can ONLY supply wholesale to health professionals and appropriate retailers (eg health stores, pharmacies, supermarkets and delis.)


Absolute Organix has partnered with Good Life  to distribute their impressive range of organic foods.

The Good Life range comprises certified organic herbs and spices, a variety of Himalayan salts,  superfoods like maca, cacao, mesquite, green foods like barleygrass,  wheatgrass and alfalfa, balsamic vingear and Dijon mustard …. there’s over 140 products in the Good Life catalogue. Contact us for the Good Life wholesale pricelist.


Capture the power of the sun with Garden of Life’s Perfect Food Raw, packed with 35 nutrient-dense, organically-grown greens, sprouts and vegetable juices.

Imported from the US, Perfect Food Raw is whole-food nutrition, providing naturally-occurring anti-oxidants, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and dozens of phytonutrients. It’s also bursting with prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes to support healthy digestion and nutrient absorption.

What Goes into Perfect Food Raw?

Young cereal grass juices (gluten-free) such as Barley, Alfalfa, Oat, Wheat, and Kamut are some of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. They are loaded with chlorophyll and trace minerals for energy and support for healthy blood sugar levels.

Garden of Life founder Jordan Rubin explains what
you should look for in a green “superfood”
Click here to read.

Each serving of Perfect Food Raw contains over 17 nutrient-dense cereal grass and veggie juices that are freeze-dried using a gentle process that maintains nutrient potency and freshness …


Over 300 bio-chemical reactions in the body depend on Magnesium; It helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keeps heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system and keeps bones strong.

Magnesium also helps regulate blood sugar levels, promotes normal blood pressure, and is involved in energy metabolism and protein synthesis.  Magnesium deficiency has been linked with many health conditions, among them diabetes, asthma, allergies, arthritis, kidney stones, migraines and more.

Introducing Health Matrix Magnesium Oil, made from pharmaceutical-grade Magnesium Chloride and Kalahari crystal salt in ultra-purified water. Applied directly to the skin (trans-dermal absorption), it’s readily and safely absorbed –  the body will simply take what it needs.

Read our Wellness Update newsletter that’s packed with information about the benefits of trans-dermal Magnesium:

  • 20 good reason to be taking Magnesium
  • Magnesium: Nature’s Silent Guardian
  • Magnesium Oil: what athletes really need

Click here to view (PDF file will take approx 15 secs to open)


Our B Grade Certified Organic Maple Syrup  from Canada is more than just a deliciously pure, all-natural, silky-sweet treat. It’s also a source of minerals such as manganese, zinc, calcium (15 times that of honey) and potassium.

Harvested from red and black maple trees, our organic Maple Syrup also contains malic acid which boosts metabolism and aids with heavy metal removal.

Grade B Maple Syrup (which is richer in minerals because it is harvested later in the season) is a core ingredient of the popular Master Cleanse detox plan.

It’s available in 500g glass bottles.


New products from Holle, world leader in organic infant nutrition and exclusively distributed in SA by Absolute Organix:

Organic Baby Tea

This herbal infusion has been developed to provide a settling and soothing effect on baby’s tummy. The tea-bags contain a certified organic blend of fennel, aniseed, caraway and chamomile. Unsweetened.

Organic Baby Spelt Rusks

Holle’s spelt rusks are the perfect teething biscuit and snack for babies. Made from Demeter-certified (the highest organic standard) spelt, these unsweetened – but very yummy – rusks can be used by babies from 6 months (adults will love them too!)


grassWe’re often asked about the difference between the various green food powders on the market and how our own product, Garden of Life Perfect Food, stacks up against the competition.

Bottom line is there’s a huge nutritional difference between green foods made from cereal grasses and those made from the juice of these grasses, which might explain why Perfect Food has been the No 1 green food in the US for several years.

In this article, Garden of Life founder Jordan Rubin explores the benefits of green food nutrition and suggests what you should look for in a real green “superfood”.

Click here to read Jordan’s article.


We’re launching our Omega oils range in new “mini” 250ml bottles at the Natural and Organic Show at the Northgate Dome in Jo’burg this weekend.

oilsInitial feedback from a group of trial customers is that the mini bottles (half the size of our standard 500ml bottles) will be welcomed by consumers.

All four of Absolute Organix’s liquid omegas – Organic Flax, Omega 3:6:9, Omega Sport and Omega Slim –  are available in the new mini bottles, which offer a number of benefits:

Fresher: We believe the 250ml glass bottle is the optimum size for Omega oils because it keeps the oil fresher. Each time you open a bottle of Omega-3 oil, the delicate essential fats are exposed to oxygen which promotes rancidity. By packaging the oil in smaller bottles, we reduce the number of times the bottle is opened and closed. So the oil stays fresher, healthier.

No wastage: Although customers are encouraged to take Omega oils every day,  many clients do not manage to finish the 500ml bottle within the 8 week use-after-opening date, and thus land up wasting the oil. These are expensive products to waste! With the 250ml bottle, clients are much more likely to finish the bottle well within the use-by period.

Affordable: In this tight economy, Omega oils in smaller bottles just makes more financial sense for cash-strapped consumers. At half the price of the 500ml bottles, the 250ml bottles reduce purchase resistance – and should also encourage sampling.


With so many vitamins made from synthetic chemicals that the body hardly recognises, that tired old criticism from the orthodox medical fraternity that vitamin supplements are nothing but expensive urine is a lot closer to the bone than many would like to admit.

So what does it take to make a truly great multi-vitamin the really delivers on its promise of lifting micro-nutrient levels and strengthening immunity?

Click here to find out how Garden of Life does it with its Living Multi, which concentrates almost 80 organic wholefoods into a nutrient powerhouse that delivers:

* 200% of the Daily Value of Vitamin A
* 50% of the Daily Value of Vitamin D
* 150% of the Daily Value of Vitamin E
* 150% of the Daily Value of Vitamin C
* 800% of the Daily Value of Vitamin B12
… and a whole lot more.

Find out more about Garden of Life products which are exclusively distributed in SA by Absolute Organix or call us for more info.


We’re pleased to introduce a superb new range of imported, premium organic teas, Qi Tea, as well as a locally-produced organic rooibos/greenbosch range from Cedarlife.

The beautifully-packaged Qi (pronounced “chee”) range (25 individually sealed tea bags per box) are refreshing, healthy teas packed with real fruit and herbs.

Qi teas are bought direct from a co-operative of independent farmers, and are certified organic and Fairtrade. Only the very best spring-harvested, high-altitude Chinese teas are selected for the Qi range.

The Cedarlife range is blended from organic rooibos and greenbosch (green rooibos which is an even richer source of anti-oxidants). The range includes Greenbosch & Chamomile, Greenbosch and Peppermint, Greenbosch and Hoodia,  Greenbosch and Buchu, to name a few. Cedarlife teas comes in two pack sizes (20 and 40 teabags).

Raw Protein gets Vegan approval

Our Raw Vegan Protein powder has been approved by the Vegan Society of South Africa.  Find out more about a Vegan lifestyle by visiting

Meantime, demand for our protein powder has been growing fast and we’ve now introduced a 1kg tub in addition to the original 400g pack.

Made from organic, sprouted brown rice fermented using an all-natural enzyme process, the silky-smoothe powder contains all the essential amino acids in a high-potency 80% protein concentrate.

Soy-free, gluten-free and dairy-free, it’s an easy to digest hypoallergenic protein source for vegetarians/vegans as others with dietary restrictions. It’s also a great protein source for athletes, even those hard-core meat-eaters and whey addicts!

The new 1kg tub of Raw Vegan Protein is excellent value at a recommended retail price of R250 incl – the price per gram is approx 20% less than the 400g tub.

Read more about this product here.

The most feared natural medicine?

Used successfully by doctors for a century, Iodine is an effective and safe natural antibiotic, a powerful anti-cancer (especially breast and prostate) agent, and a potent heavy metal detox tool. There is growing evidence that Iodine deficiency is increasing and is linked to a number of chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity, as well as certain heart ailments. Despite this the medical establishment today fears Iodine and shuns it as downright dangerous. However,  a small group of medical specialists  believe that Iodine should return to its rightful place in the natural medicine chest.

Our Lugol’s Iodine solution is now available.

Click here to read Bruce Cohen’s blog on why Iodine deserves a fresh look.



Absolute Organix’s new Raw Vegan Protein (RVP) powder is a true Superfood for the 21st Century. It’s made from GMO-free organic sprouted brown rice, and what’s in the tub is 80% pure protein. It’s silky smooth with an amino acid profile close to mother’s milk and is ideal for vegetarians and those with dairy and gluten allergies or other dietary restrictions.

Our rice protein is made using an all-natural process of fermentation, filtration and enzymatic processing that consumes the fats and carbohydrates in the rice and leaves just the protein behind (plus a little fibre).

With over 12g of protein per 15g serving, Absolute Organix Raw Vegan Protein has a superior amino acid profile – it contains all nine essential amino acids – making it an excellent alternative to whey and soy proteins.

# Click here for more information.

# Why Soy is not a health food. Read Bruce Cohen’s Blog

Good fats are great fat-burners


It’s amazing how many people still believe that fat makes you fat. They lump together all fats in the “nasty food” category, ignoring how important Essential Fatty Acids, especially Omega-3s, are in helping people reach and maintain normal weight.

Leading US nutritionist and author Anne Louise Gittleman neatly sums it up:

“Putting Essential Fats back into the diet works to increase
metabolic rate and improve the entire system of energy production.
With this increase in metabolism, weight loss is not only possible, it’s inevitable.
Blood sugar levels are balanced and food cravings become a thing of the past.”

Based on research from McGill University in Canada, Absolute Organix Omega Slim has been specially formulated for weight-loss, exploiting the synergistic effects of a number of health-giving oils.

Certified organic, cold-pressed, extra virgin oils – flax, pumpkin, cranberry, sesame, sunflower and evening primrose, rich in all Essential Fatty Acids, especially Omega-3 (the same high quality oils that go into our Omega 3:6:9 blend).

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) extracted from coconut oils, clinically proven to assist with weight loss and also deliver instant energy without affecting blood sugar levels.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), an oil fraction from the safflower plant, which has been shown to promote lean muscle development and reduce fat storage.

Omega Slim is endorsed by SureSlim, South Africa’s leading weight management and wellness programme.

Losing weight – and keeping the kilos off over a sustained period – is not about dieting, it’s about healthy eating.

Visit our Resources section for research and articles on these oils.

New pack size for AllisOne

AllisOne Tissue Salts are now available in 60s as well as the original 180-packs.

This exceptional locally-developed range of biochemic salts has been gaining attention countrywide – and internationally (we export to the EU and Japan).

They’re the only sugar-free and lactose-free tissue salts on the market.

Click here for more info.