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No junk in FucoThin

The Department of Health (DOH) has been clamping down on weight loss products containing sibutramine, an appetite suppressant that has been linked to increased risk of heart attack or stroke. Good for the DOH. It’s about time they rid the market of these products.

As soon as we read the initial reports, as the exclusive SA distributor of Garden of Life wholefood supplements from the US, which includes the seaweed-based all-natural FucoThin (click here for more info), we immediately arranged for it to be tested for sibutramine so our customers could have independent verification and be able to deal with any inquiries from the public. We were in no way suspicious that a world-class brand such as Garden of Life would adulterate its products, but we believe it is important to be transparent.

Click here to view the lab report by Ampath (a leading independent lab in Jo’burg) which analysed FucoThin for any traces of sibutramine. The result was, unsurprisingly, negative.