By Bruce Cohen, CEO

Food manufacturers, big and small, are coming under increasing scrutiny by consumers these days over the safety of their products – and rightly so. After the awful listeria outbreak this year that took 200 lives and which brought the subject into sharp focus, there’s just no escaping the reality that our food system is fraught with challenges and dangers, and that good manufacturing practices and a commitment to food safety is the price of entry into this sector.

Post the Tiger listeria outbreak, Government has been tightening up regulations and there’s a wide consensus that it’s been long overdue. That’s not to say anywhere near enough is being done (especially when it comes to inspection and enforcement), but one gets the sense that, especially since the Consumer Protection Act now makes everyone in the food chain accountable, we are moving in the right direction.

At Absolute Organix we’ve been progressively working on improving our food safety system. It’s a never-ending project and culminates each year with an intensive, independent audit that evaluates all our policies and procedures. This is in addition to our organic audit which has its own set of rules and requirements. Our most recent food safety audit took place at the end of August and, happily, the inspection found no major problems (of course there are always a variety of small “non-compliances”) with the way we run our factory.

It’s certainly no cause for complacency, but it does indicate we are on the right track. Food safety is something we take very seriously. Just like you.

You can view our 2018/19 certificate here.