We are firm believers that the key to unlocking good health is your breakfast smoothie. Load it with protein (eg rice, pea, whey, hemp), pack it with superfoods like acai, maca and cacao, and blend with a spoon of Omega-rich oils …  now you’ve laid the foundation for a powFibreer day, your body ready to absorb all the knocks that life dishes out. But what about the fibre?

Digestive problems seem so commonplace these days –  constipation remedies are the No 1 product sold in pharmacies. Efficient elimination – “being regular” – is critical to overall wellbeing and that’s why we’ve introduced a gut-healthy fibre made from pineapples – Lifematrix Tropical Fibre – that can be taken on it’s own or added to your morning smoothie.

Pineapple fibre is 99% insoluble – it’s “designed” to help speed up transit through the colon and thus alleviate and even prevent constipation. But  insoluble fiber can also make watery stools more solid, so it works both ways! You may be less likely to suffer from irritable bowel syndrome problems if you regularly eat insoluble fiber.  The fibre also helps balance  the pH of the colon which is reported to help prevent colon cancer.

In addition to the pineapple fibre, we’ve added in a pre-biotic called inulin to Lifematrix Tropical Fibre.  Extracted from chicory or Jerusalem artichokes, inulin feeds the healthy bacteria in the gut, helping to restore digestive health.

Lifematrix Tropical Fibre is available in 240g tubs (20 servings). It has a neutral taste and mixes easily. Remember to drink an extra glass of water when taking fibre.