We’re launching our Omega oils range in new “mini” 250ml bottles at the Natural and Organic Show at the Northgate Dome in Jo’burg this weekend.

oilsInitial feedback from a group of trial customers is that the mini bottles (half the size of our standard 500ml bottles) will be welcomed by consumers.

All four of Absolute Organix’s liquid omegas – Organic Flax, Omega 3:6:9, Omega Sport and Omega Slim –  are available in the new mini bottles, which offer a number of benefits:

Fresher: We believe the 250ml glass bottle is the optimum size for Omega oils because it keeps the oil fresher. Each time you open a bottle of Omega-3 oil, the delicate essential fats are exposed to oxygen which promotes rancidity. By packaging the oil in smaller bottles, we reduce the number of times the bottle is opened and closed. So the oil stays fresher, healthier.

No wastage: Although customers are encouraged to take Omega oils every day,  many clients do not manage to finish the 500ml bottle within the 8 week use-after-opening date, and thus land up wasting the oil. These are expensive products to waste! With the 250ml bottle, clients are much more likely to finish the bottle well within the use-by period.

Affordable: In this tight economy, Omega oils in smaller bottles just makes more financial sense for cash-strapped consumers. At half the price of the 500ml bottles, the 250ml bottles reduce purchase resistance – and should also encourage sampling.