Ever wondered where krill and then fish get their Omega-3s from? Well, it all starts with micro-algae, the original source of these health-giving essential fatty acids.

Absolute Organix Omega Pure is the only Omega-3 supplement containing the long chain Omega-3s, DHA and EPA, derived from micro-algae – and a new enhanced formulation of Omega Pure is now available.

Improvements in the cold extraction process have enabled our partners to not only increase the concentration of Essential Fats but also to reduce the dosage from 3 to 2 capsules. The new formulation delivers 400mg of ultra-pure DHA (87.5%) and EPA.

Omega Pure is an excellent source of DHA for pregnant and breast-feeding mothers because the algae from which the oil is extracted have been grown under pristine conditions in ponds completely free of any ocean contaminants like mercury and dioxins.

The cold-extraction of the oil means that the nutrient quality and bio-availability of the Essential Fats in Omega Pure is of the highest order.

Omega Pure is also a perfect source of DHA/EPA for Vegans/vegetarians.

Available in glass bottles of 60 vegecaps (a month’s supply).