Since we introduced Brazilian Acai (ah-sigh-ee) powder into SA some years ago, there has been a steady growth in interest in the health benefits of this Amazon superfruit, which sits at the very pinnacle of the anti-oxidant rankings.

Acai is an expensive commodity; the cost of securing certified organic supplies was always prohibitive, so we were reluctantly forced to import non-organic product in order to establish a market for the superfruit.

Recently we were fortunate to make direct contact with an Eco-Cert approved supplier of organic acai in Brazil at a price point that made sense, and so we are now pleased to advise that we have switched to pure, organic acai.

The organic acai has been freeze-dried (the most effective way to preserve the nutrients and anti-oxidant properties of the fruit). It has a rich, deep purple in colour, reflecting its natural, minimally-processed pedigree. There are zero additives or preservatives.

We are also introducing new simplified packaging/labelling for our organic acai powder (still a 100g pack).