For over a decade Absolute Organix has been producing a range of superior omega oils, cold-pressing organic flax (and now also chia) seed oils and blending them with other quality plant oils. We’ve always taken great care to ensure the freshness of these fragile but potent oils, gently pressing them at low temperatures, allowing natural settling and then bottling them in opaque glass bottles under nitrogen. We’ve learned to be patient. Think of us as the Jack Daniels of omega oils!

Now we’ve given the range a bold makeover, switching to white glass bottles with bright new labels. “We were looking a little tired, a little too medicinal in the old dark glass bottles,” says CEO Bruce

Cohen. “We needed to freshen up the range.”

With the surge in the number of health-conscious consumers drinking nutrient-dense smoothies these days, it’s a good time to spread the word that liquid omega oils can be easily added to smoothies to deliver a slew of health benefits without any oily taste because they blend easily (emulsify) in smoothies.

Giving our omega oils a fresh new look will help us promote liquid, plant-sourced omegas as a lifestyle ‘must-have’ superfood.

Apart from our Organic Flax Oil, Absolute Organix offers:

Omega 369: a certified organic blend of cold-pressed flax, sesame, high-oleic sunflower, pumpkin and evening primrose oils in an optimum 2:1:1 ratio of omega 3,6 & 9 essential fatty acids.

Omega 3: Since we started pressing virgin chia seed oil, it made sense to combine it with our organic flax seed oil as chia and flax are the plant kingdom’s richest sources of Omega 3.

Omega Sport: A high-performance blend of organic flax seed oil with energy-dense MCT oils.

Add a teaspoon of two (or three) of these oils to your daily smoothie and enjoy the long-term health benefits of omega 3 essential fatty acids.


You’ll often read the claim that the body does not effectively convert plant-sourced omega-3 (ALA) into the Omega-3s found in fish oils (EPA & DHA). Apart from the fact that this claim is simply not true (the fish oil industry has been very successful in spreading this fake news), ALA also has a much broader spectrum of health benefits than EPA/DHA.

Here’s a very interesting report written by health campaigner Dr Justine Butler that provides a solid backgrounder on omega-3s, explaining why the fish oil hype just does not stand up to scrutiny and why nothing has to die for you to get your daily dose of omega-3s.

Click here to read The Fish Report

PS: If eye/brain health is your primary omega need, Absolute Organix Omega Pure capsules offer a vegan source of DHA made from micro-algae. Click here for more info.