We’re pleased to introduce a superb new range of imported, premium organic teas, Qi Tea, as well as a locally-produced organic rooibos/greenbosch range from Cedarlife.

The beautifully-packaged Qi (pronounced “chee”) range (25 individually sealed tea bags per box) are refreshing, healthy teas packed with real fruit and herbs.

Qi teas are bought direct from a co-operative of independent farmers, and are certified organic and Fairtrade. Only the very best spring-harvested, high-altitude Chinese teas are selected for the Qi range.

The Cedarlife range is blended from organic rooibos and greenbosch (green rooibos which is an even richer source of anti-oxidants). The range includes Greenbosch & Chamomile, Greenbosch and Peppermint, Greenbosch and Hoodia,  Greenbosch and Buchu, to name a few. Cedarlife teas comes in two pack sizes (20 and 40 teabags).