A successful athlete needs to focus on the 3 Pillars of Performance: Nutrition, Training and Recovery. While most athletes excel at training, they often fail to achieve the required balance of all 3 pillars, and usually it is their nutritional strategy (or lack of it) that is the weakest link.

More and more sportsmen and women are now turning to natural nutrition and organic wholefoods to deliver better health, boost performance and improve recovery. This “wellness” approach to performance is in stark contrast to the use of synthetic or highly-processed products which have dominated the sports and fitness scene.

The organic approach just makes good sense. Organic foods free of pesticides and additives provide optimum nutrition because they include metabolic co-factors such as micro-nutrients and anti-oxidants. Products made from organic agriculture using natural enzyme activity, low temperature and chemical-free processing are the richest and purest.

The bottom line: you are what you eat.

Absolute Organix offers superior quality “clean” supplements for those serious about natural health and fitness. These include Omega Sport and our Raw Vegan Protein.

Omega Sport: Flax your muscles!

Our omega-rich oil blend is made from certified organic, cold-pressed flax seed oil and coconut oil-derived medium chain triglycerides (MCTs).

The extra-virgin flax seed oil provides high quality Omega-3 essential fatty acids, vital for efficient cellular metabolism.

Athletes report these benefits with flax seed oil:

* Enhances performance
* Improves stamina and endurance
* Shortens recovery time from athletic events and strenuous workouts
* A reliable source of energy without increasing body fat
* Reduces muscle soreness after strenuous workouts
* Increases uptake and utilisation of oxygen

The MCTs in Omega Sport deliver a power package of carb-free energy that is easily and quickly utilised by the body. There is evidence that MCTs enhance the movement of fats from storage to be burned as energy, and they may also increase the rate at which energy is burned.

Omega Sport is available in 250ml and 500ml glass bottles.

Absolute Organix Raw Vegan Protein

Our hypo-allergenic, easily-absorbed protein powder is made from sprouted, wholegrain, certified organic brown rice.

It’s 80% pure protein (same as whey concentrate) and includes all essential amin o acids.

Lactose-free, soy-free and gluten-free, it contains no additives, sweeteners or synthetic ingredients. Just silky-smooth, pure, natural protein that blends easily.

Why it’s good for athletes:

# Builds functional strength without unnecessary bulk caused by hormones in meat
# Excellent amino profile – all nine essential amino acids including the
critical branched-chain aminos for muscle building and repair
# Easy to digest (no gas, no bloating)
# Natural taste: can be used in any smoothie
# No chemical sweeteners, no solvents, no dairy, no soy, no bulking agents, additives or preservatives, no animal by-products, 100% natural.
# Enables you to follow a high-protein diet without resorting to animal products

Absolute Organix Raw Vegan Protein is available in 400g and 1kg tubs.


Blend 2 teaspoons of Omega Sport (10ml), 20-30g of
Raw Vegan Protein with some (rice) milk, a banana
or fresh berries – and you’re truly set for the day.

If you need an extra sweetener, there’s no better choice
than Absolute Organix B Grade Organic Maple Syrup.


See also Perfect Food Raw, a nutrient-dense, organic green food supplement imported from the US that delivers the full spectrum of micronutrients.

And don’t forget that essential first aid for muscle recovery that should be in every athlete’s training bag: Health Matrix Magnesium Oil. Click here for the infopak (pdf file).