Excess acidity is a key underlying factor in many chronic ailments, from gout and kidney stones to obesity, arthritic and heart conditions, diabetes and even cancer.

Shifting one’s diet towards more alkaline foods such as green vegetables, increasing one’s intake of pure water and taking mineral supplements are all important strategies for reducing excess acidity and restoring the body’s pH balance.

Health Matrix now makes it even easier to counter excess acidity with our new pH-Plus alkalizing bath soak. pH-Plus combines two of Nature’s most powerful alkaline minerals – magnesium chloride and sodium bicarbonate – with pristine Kalahari crystal salt containing over 60 minerals and trace elements.

Just add 100g (5 scoops) of pH-Plus to a hot bath and soak in it for at least 20 minutes for maximum benefit. The result: a deeply relaxing, alkalizing experience.

Health Matrix pH Plus is exclusively distributed by Absolute Organix. The recommended retail price is R80 inc for a 600g tub, enough for 6 alkalizing baths.