Absolute Organix is pleased to announce the re-introduction of SMARTFISH into SA.

Manufactured by Pharmalogica in Norway, SMARTFISH is a marine oil supplement made from high quality, fresh salmon oil rich in Omega-3s – but without any fishy taste, smell or those repeating fish burps that make youngsters dread taking this vital “brain food”.

The new SMARTFISH sachets contain a potent blend of Omega-3 fatty acids in a smoothe, creamy emulsion sweetened with Xylitol and natural lemon and apricot flavours – it really does taste good.

To prove the great taste of SMARTFISH, we’ll send you a free sample. Please email us:

From taste to texture to packaging, SMARTFISH has been designed to make it easy for young people to take their daily Omega 3s.

One sachet of SMARTFISH provides a complete daily dose of Omega 3s, delivering 180mg of DHA and 160mg of EPA from molecular-distilled salmon oil. The sachets ensure freshness and potency of the delicate Omega 3 oils by excluding oxygen and light.

Smartfish is available in tubs of 30 sachets.