With its simple branding, down-to-earth packaging and well-priced product lines, demand for our Truefood range of pantry essentials is soaring.ˇˇAnd now this popular range is set to fly even higher with 20 new certified organic products.

The distinctive green label and I AM ORGANIC badge sets this new range apart from Truefood’s conventional pantry lines and expands the total range to 80 products! It includes customer favourites such as gluten-free oats, chia and chick-peas, but there are some brand new lines too, including mealie meal – a first for the SA market.

Also in the organic range are 3 different lentils (green, brown, and red), long-grain rice and brown basmati. Existing Truefood organic lines like coconut flour and coconut sugar have now been updated with the green labels.

New organic lines, including quinoa, polenta and popcorn, will be arriving shortly.

These products are all certified organic, carrying the official stamp of BCS Oko, Europe’s leading certifier of organic foods. From farm to shelf they have been independently checked and approvedˇaccording to EU organic standards (way stricter than American standards!)

They’re all packed in the Truefood distinctive kraft paper window pouches with easy-to-close zip-locks. The standardˇpack size is 400g, but 1kg packs of the popular products will be added soon.


…virtually the entire range is certified kosher too.

Check out the full range on our wholesale ordering site here.