Raw Protein gets Vegan approval

Our Raw Vegan Protein powder has been approved by the Vegan Society of South Africa.  Find out more about a Vegan lifestyle by visiting www.vegansociety.co.za

Meantime, demand for our protein powder has been growing fast and we’ve now introduced a 1kg tub in addition to the original 400g pack.

Made from organic, sprouted brown rice fermented using an all-natural enzyme process, the silky-smoothe powder contains all the essential amino acids in a high-potency 80% protein concentrate.

Soy-free, gluten-free and dairy-free, it’s an easy to digest hypoallergenic protein source for vegetarians/vegans as others with dietary restrictions. It’s also a great protein source for athletes, even those hard-core meat-eaters and whey addicts!

The new 1kg tub of Raw Vegan Protein is excellent value at a recommended retail price of R250 incl – the price per gram is approx 20% less than the 400g tub.

Read more about this product here.