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Absolute Organix is now offering the VIVANI range of certified organic chocolates. German-based VIVI, established in 2010, is today a leading player in the superior organic chocolate category, much to the delight of gourmets and chocolate-lovers worldwide.

VIVANI has been continually winning awards and prizes. These include the “Best of Bio” award, a large number of gold medals at the DLG Quality Test awards and the “Sales Hit of the Year” at BioFach.

“All the ingredients we use have to satisfy our high standards and, in addition, guarantee the continuance of a healthy form of agriculture in the countries from which we draw our ingredients,” explains CEO Andreas Meyer. VIVANI uses exclusively 100% organic ingredients from certified organic  ….producers in Latin America – without any extra emulsifiers.


Enjoying organic chocolate can be a “wickedly delicious” experience that has positive health benefits too because cacao contains a variety of helpful bio-active substances.

Catechins found in cacao belong to the flavonoid family and have strong antioxidant capabilities. Catechins effectively catch free radicals and prevent deposits in the blood vessel walls, regulate blood pressure, and stimulate the immune system.

Phenylethylamine has a stimulating euphoric effect, a mood enhancer.

Endorphins, so called “hormones of happiness”, are released when eating chocolate. They stimulate the natural opiates in our bodies, resulting in a feeling of calmness and a positive mood.

Tannins protect against tooth decay. Oxalic acid decreases the production of acid in the saliva which has a similar effect.