More good stuff from Holle

Swiss organic baby food producer, Holle, has increased its range of porridges and these are now available in SA exclusively through Absolute Organix. The new products are:

* Organic Millet, Apple and Pear porridge
* Organic 3-grain gluten-free porridge (millet, rice and corn)

Note: In line with the latest recommendations from EU health authorities, which advocate breast-feeding for at least six months, Holle porridges are now recommended from 6-months (with the exception of the single grain rice and millet porridges which can be given from 4-months to improve the nutrient value of bottle feeds).

Also new from Holle are these delicious treats:  fruits bars containing apple, pear and honey in a spelt wafer (certified organic, of course!)

Learn more about Holle organic formulas and porridges and discover the benefits of bio-dynamic agriculture  at