xylitol-syrup trioGoing low-carb and getting sugar out of one’s diet doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to sweet treats. Far from it …

Introducing Lifematrix xylitol syrups, Banting-friendly sticky nectars that open up delicious new dessert horizons without triggering an insulin response. They’re tooth-friendly too.

The  syrups are made from birch xylitol.

Now available from us in 335g glass bottles.

Want to know why xylitol is enjoying such favoured status among those following a low-carb lifestyle? Check out this site.

Surprised that something so sweet could also be such an active cavity fighter? Read a review of the research into the effectiveness of xylitol on oral health done by the University of Turku in Finland here. Bottom line, according to multiple studies: Habitual use of xylitol … can be associated with significant reduction in caries incidence and with tooth remineralization.