Lifematrix has strengthened its vegetarian protein offering with a new Pea & Hemp Protein blend.

It complements the company’s recently introduced Yellow Pea Protein and its Raw Vegan Protein (made from sprouted, organic brown rice) which has become the “Rolls Royce” of vegan proteins since it was introduced into SA three years ago.

Bruce Cohen, CEO of Absolute Organix which handles the Lifematrix range, says demand for  “clean” proteins has been growing rapidly as more and more health-conscious consumers recognize the benefits of amino acid supplementation. “It’s fair to say that proteins are becoming the new superfoods as research unlocks new information about their pivotal role in areas such as immunity and anti-ageing.”

Vegans, says Cohen, have been poorly served with protein options in SA, “but now, with 3 quality plant protein concentrates from Lifematrix, the tide is finally turning; those on a strict vegetarian diets can now easily ensure that their protein needs are met. ”

Lifematrix Pea and Hemp Protein Powder provides a well-rounded amino blend. Says Cohen: “The amino acid profile of pea protein is somewhat low in the sulphur-containing aminos – cysteine and methionine – but hemp, which is rich in these aminos, helps balance that.” The pea/hemp combo delivers a 75% protein concentrate.

All Lifematrix plant proteins are free of ANY additives; just 100% pure protein. They can be used in smoothies, blended with juices or used to protein-enrich soups, stews and curries. They can also be used in baking.  They are available in 400g and 1kg tubs.