Absolute Organix Omega Pure – a 100% vegan source of the Omega-3 essential fat DHA – is being relaunched later this month.  Omega Pure has been absent from the market for over a year because of supply problems. We are now sourcing from a brand-new producer in Switzerland who has assured us of continuous supply.

Using a proprietary fermentation process, the DHA in Omega Pure is extracted from micro-algae, Nature’s original source of  this essential fat which is usually obtained from krill and oily fish.

Omega Pure is  an especially good choice of Omega-3 for pregnant  and breast-feeding women (DHA is the key brain-building fat for infants): the algae are grown under pristine conditions in ponds completely free of any ocean contaminants like mercury and dioxins or, in the case of farmed fish, of antibiotics and growth hormones. Of course, that makes Omega Pure a smart choice for everyone!

And unlike marine oils which require intensive cleaning/heating in order to extract the fatty acids, the oils in Omega-Pure are cold-extracted, so the quality and bio-availability of the DHA is of the highest order.

Omega Pure is available in glass bottles of 60 vegecaps each containing 200mg of DHA.

Note: the algae used to produce the DHA in Omega Pure are guaranteed non-GMO.

UPDATE Dec 1,  2012:

Several clients have asked us why Omega Pure contains only DHA, and not the other important Omega-3 found in fish oils, EPA. Does it mean vegetarians are losing out?

Not at all. It turns out that whilst EPA is lower down the Omega-3 conversion ladder (which roughly goes like this: ALA->EPA->DHA), the human body is very efficient at reversing the EPA-DHA pathway, so EPA can readily be made if the body has adequate levels of DHA.

In clinical trials using the algae oil in Omega Pure, Geppert et al found that vegetarians significantly increased their levels of DHA when compared to a placebo group. They also found a significant increase in EPA levels. In the study, after 8 weeks, DHA levels increased by 161% and EPA levels by 33% in the trial group. There was zero change in the placebo group.

* FOOTNOTE: So much of the focus on Omega-3 supplementation is based on heart, brain and eye health, but did you know that sperm contains almost 15% DHA? If you consider the dramatic increase in fertility problems in the West, and our lousy, fat-free diets, perhaps an Omega3-rich diet could be just the thing to send those sperm swimming happily and healthily on their way again …