smoothie-bothLifematrix’s new Supersmoothie Essentials are ideal quick meals-on-the-go – just add water, nut milk or dairy and shake/blend. Or top up with fruit and other good things to make a deliciously nutritious smoothie.

There are two variants: Dairy and Vegan. In the dairy blend we use native whey isolate protein with oat protein. For the vegan blend we use sprouted whole-grain brown rice with the oat protein. In both cases you’re getting a complete protein with all essential amino acids.

Other ingredients: MCT powder (for quick, no-carb energy), chia and flax meal (for extra protein, soluble fibre); pineapple fibre and prebiotics from chicory (for gut health). And we lightly sweeten the blends with zero-kiloJoule erythritol (no insulin spiking).

The Dairy SuperSmoothie is Banting-friendly from an ingredients perspective and the sugar content is especially low (see below).

The nutritional ratios are as follows:
Protein (33%)
Carbs (27% of which 20% = fibre and 3,5% = sugars)
Fats (21% of which 18% = saturated fats from MCTs)

Now available in 400g pouches (20 X 20g servings)