composite2PURE INDIGENOUS brings together the incredible wealth of South Africa’s healing plants in essential oil form.

The collection is comprised of a selection of indigenous plant remedies that celebrate our cultural heritage, having been in use traditionally by the San, early Cape Settlers and our African culture for many hundreds of years.

All the essential oils come from plants that are indigenous to South Africa, with a number of them from the Fynbos biome. These oils have to date not been readily available locally as they have been mainly exported.

The oils have powerful aromas that are often more herbal than fragrant and are marketed for their inherent healing properties. Many smell distinctly medicinal and invoke the familiar smell of an apothecary of old.

The range prides itself on being kind to the environment, with products organically certified by top German certifying bodies, such as BSC-Oko Guarantie and CERES, with a few exceptions. Products contain no artificial ingredients and are sustainably sourced.

There are favourites in the collection such as Cape Geranium and round-leaved Buchu. Some plants that are well known to our herb gardens appear in our indigenous flora in ‘earthier’ forms. Cape Snowbush, a fynbos, is commonly known as Wild Rosemary, and African Lemon Bush, commonly called Cape Verbena thanks to its lemon high notes.

There are prolific plant species in the range such as Helichrysum with over 600 species globally, used extensively in the cosmetic industry. Our indigenous version Helichrysum Odoratissimum (African Helichrysum) has it’s own unique benefits. Known popularly as Imphepho, it is used as a smudge to clear energy, is known to invoke the ancestors or a trance state, and has been used for its sedative properties for insomnia, to relieve headaches and tension as well as for coughs, colds, fever and headaches.

The essential oils are supported by 4 carrier or base oils, that are indigenous to Southern Africa. These cold-pressed oils are high in essential fatty acids and range from a light carrier oil, Kalahari Melon, to a richer nutty oil, Mongongo Oil (also known as Manketti Nut Oil).

A series of African blends/potions completes the range, using certified organic Grape Seed Oil from the Cape as their base. The potent healing qualities of the plants have been harnessed to target specific conditions without making medical claims. For example: a gentle mix for insomnia in the African Night Blend, or for coughs, colds and fever there’s the African Winter Blend.

The range also boasts a set of 4 quirky African Potions, which have been blended based on magical properties from local folklore. African Wormwood is a well-known love potion, and African Lemon Bush, a protector against crocodiles, dog bites and lightening!

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